What Does PHMP Prevent ?

Proactive Health Management Plan is designed to become an integral part of employees' lives. Staying healthy and focusing on fitness goals can be nearly impossible for some people, especially those who are already unhealthy. PHMP creates financial incentives to follow through on healthy living.

PHMP offers indemnity payments every month an employee follows through on health goals. The goal of creating monthly incentives is to create patterns in a person's life that lead to sustainable and healthy results. The best part about PHMP is employees receive indemnity payments and the plan covers preventative care procedures.

The following are some of the most popular options offered by PHMP:

Dietary Assistance


Biometric Screening

Health Risk Assessment

Online Health Lessons & Coaching

DNA Screening

In terms of overall health expenses, obesity is the most expensive and common problem across the country. As an employer, focusing on creating a healthier work environment for employees can help mitigate negative effects of unhealthy lifestyle habits. With dietary assistance and health coaching as part of PHMP's benefits, we encourage a positive environment for change.

There is no isolation of individuals on the plan. We incorporate tele-medicine programs that allow for private, at home consultation. One of the tenets of preventative care, we believe, is making it accessible for everyone. And by creating systems of easy and confidential health coaching, employees will not be ostracized for taking beneficial approaches to their habits.

Another net positive of over-the-phone consultation is the amount of money it saves. Bringing a healthcare professional into the office is both costly and time intensive. We bypass those costs and use telephone services instead. The level of service is just as focused. The professionals we work with are licensed nutritionists, dieticians, health coaches, and even doctors.

Every employee will have a personalized file and their health progress will be tracked, helping them stay on track. These services also include text messages, emails, and monthly phone calls, all meant to encourage better health choices.

Focusing on preventative care, tackling addictions to tobacco and alcohol are also approaches PHMP encourages. Health risk assessments are part of the plan and educational materials can be distributed to employees. Reducing costs can become a part of company culture and PHMP provides an internal structure around which to organize the movement.