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Fully Insured vs Self Insured

Choosing the best option for providing healthcare to your company can be a daunting process. Understanding the minutia of the Affordable Care Act while providing the best benefits for employees can make anyone feel like they're drowning...

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Proactive Care vs Reactive Care

Are you aware of how most healthcare plans work? For many, going to the doctor does not occur until after they are already sick. And this trend is reinforced by most health insurance companies.

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Saving Money with PHMP

As a business, cutting expenses is always a priority. One of the largest costs in your budget is probably healthcare. Finding ways to mitigate expenses while supplying benefits to employees is insanely complicated.

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Wellness Plans vs PHMP

Focusing on employee health and preventing expensive long-term health problems is quickly becoming normal. Instead of relying on reactive health insurance, using forward looking programs can save your company money and increase overall employee happiness.