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"Encouraging you to live a healthier lifestyle today, to reduce healthcare costs tomorrow." 

As an employee, your health is invaluable.

Proactive Health Management Plan provides industry leading preventative care coverage and options to employees. Improved health means a stronger, happier workforce – employees that are more capable and feel more empowered.

Throughout our busy modern lives, we experience ebbs and flows in our physical well-being, and are often too busy to stop and consider the risks we’re running — including the development of serious or life-threatening illnesses. But with the expertise, encouragement and resources of the Proactive Health Management Plan, healthy lifestyles can become the new normal: preventing, diminishing, and in some cases, eliminating health woes altogether


We are dedicated to making work places healthier by providing preventive care options ot encourage employers and employees to work together for a better future.


As our company expands and grows, we value learning from mistakes and trusting in the process.


Creating trust and dependable service leads to satisfied and committed customers.


We value our team just as you value yours. Without teamwork, we would not be one of the leading fully-insured Proactive Health Management Plans on the market.


Living a healthy lifestyle is our focus as we encourage everyone from our employers to your employees to take the best care of their health.

What our Clients Say

All names have been changed to protect PHMP confidentiality

I’m a former professional football player. When we started 8 months ago, I was 50 lbs over my playing weight and was getting ready to turn 60. The PHMP Coach had to develop a program working around all my injuries. After a few months of exercise, it was suggested I start working with the PHMP nutritionist. That has been a big help as well. Just last week I started going to a spin class three times a week with my wife. If you had of told me 6 months ago I’d be going to spin classes with my wife I would have told you, no way. One of the things that helps me stay on track is our weekly calls. Knowing that my coach will be calling helps me stay motivated.

Stanley Hill

I had never exercised before. We started with a walking program. Then it was suggested I speak with the PHMP nutritionist. It’s been about three months now and I’m much stronger, healthier and have lost weight. One of the things that keeps me motivated is knowing my coach will be calling to check in. I try to exercise every few days so I can give a good report

Ashley Carrera

Working with the PHMP Life Coach has been a life changing experience for me. For the first time in my life I have someone who just listens and allows me to go on about me, focusing only on me, not only does she hear me out when I vent, she listens to my accomplishments as well. The one thing that I love the most is the suggestions that she offers. Whether it’s a book to read, a link to research or an "assignment" to do I feel so much better after I do them.

Michelle Eichman

I was a non-exerciser but knew I needed to start. The PHMP program gave me the kick start I needed. The PHMP Coach started me on a walking program and a few exercises I could do at home. It’s only been about 6 weeks and some of those weeks I didn’t exercise at all. I’m a straight shooter and will tell my coach if I have a bad week with no exercise. But I do feel better when I exercise and I know I need to stick with it. I told my coach if it wasn’t for the check-ins to keep me motivated I would have stopped after week one.

Aaron Shunt

What is PHMP all about?

Q: Do other incentive opportunities exist for an employee to assist with the cost of healthcare?

A: Yes. There are many examples of assistance offered to taxpayers to assist with the rising costs in healthcare. Note that no proactive action is required by the taxpayer to receive the financial incentives below to assist with health care costs. The PHMP product requires active employee engagement to earn the right to remain in the plan and receive financial incentives.

Q: The PHMP program appears too good to be true.

A: Media is filled with stories of the healthcare crisis in the country. We believe that the current state of health care is too bad to be true and requires proactive measures to get Americans engaged in their healthcare to become healthier and not reactionary to seek medical attention only when serious symptoms present no other option.

Q: What is required to receive the distinction of a fully insured supplemental indemnity product?

A: A fully insured product must be filed with the department of insurance in each state. Every benefit is reviewed and acknowledged to further the desired goal of preventative care. The PHMP Program has undergone intense scrutiny to ensure compliance with all fully insured licensed requirements.

How To enroll in PHMP

The effective start date for the PHMP will be on the 1st of the month, a time frame designed to accommodate billing and limit potential problems. The employer requires ample time to input relevant information for the first payroll run of the following month. It is always necessary to follow specific deadlines for certain processes and enrollment steps to ensure the first paycheck is met during the enrollment call, our team will choose timelines for the types of enrollment based on the circumstances of the workplace. For example, stationary employees may have an easier time completing the Health Risk Assessment themselves, while active workplaces may not be conducive for self-enrollment. Therefore, it’s important to discuss the best and most effective enrollment method.

There are three ways to enroll in PHMP: self-enrollment, assisted enrollment, and auto-enrollment. During the enrollment call, we discuss the best enrollment methods with you for your business. Please note that these methods will be used in a sequence predetermined by our enrollment team based off employee logistics such as the number of remote employees, how many locations of businesses and more. The PHMP is a voluntary program and employees may opt out or waive coverage. At the end of enrollment, we will complete a post-enrollment checklist with your executive team to ensure all enrollment processes have been efficiently and correctly completed.

The enrollment process requires close attention to ensure that all employees have the opportunity to participate. Our easy-to-follow guide will provide assistance as you progress through the necessary steps.

3 key factors to PHMP participation

1. Proper education and distribution of information to employees

2. Management’s cooperation with the Proactive Risk Solution team during the open enrollment period

3. Management’s ongoing communication with its staff

3 key elements for a smooth implementation

1. Accuracy of data

2. Absolute completion of every required form and document

3. Timely submission of completed forms and documents

PHMP, The Gold Standard in Preventative Health Care

PHMP, The Gold Standard in Preventative Health Care The Proactive Health Management Plan (PHMP) is a bleeding edge, forward thinking, logical solution to help mitigate the growing costs of our nation’s healthcare. The PHMP is a population health management tool designed to help businesses and the American workforce combat the rising costs of healthcare through prevention of disease rather than chasing treatment. Increasing healthcare costs place an additional and significant burden on the backbone of the United States economic makeup for small businesses.

With rising overhead costs, entrepreneurial small businesses, and even large corporations are hindered in their growth and, in many cases, the launch of new ideas. The high cost of healthcare can impede the expansion of the workforce and the quality of benefits provided to the existing workforce. It is up to small businesses and corporate America to say enough-is-enough with to rising cost of healthcare. The PHMP gives control back to small businesses and the workforce in managing their healthcare expenses. The PHMP has been developed over the last 4 years to be the most innovative population health management tool on the market. Five distinguished partners have guided the PHMP to where it is today. The PHMP has now truly become “The Gold Standard” in preventative health care and population health management.