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Get Proactive about your health with the Proactive Health Management Plan

  • You could save on payroll taxes
  • Your employees have access to the preventative care they need
  • Don't stress on health. Our online risk assessment has your back.
  • Personalize your preventative care program using interactive online coaching
  • Low to no cost, and with better health coverage.

What is PHMP?

The Proactive Health Management Plan (PHMP) is designed to reverse the current state of the healthcare benefits industry by giving more benefits for less money. It’s that simple !

Created with the collaboration Key Benefits Administrators, Proactive Risk Solutions, and the American Health Date Institute, PHMP is perhaps the most effective health management benefit program in the U.S.

Our goal is to improve the health of members and create long-term savings. To accomplish this goal, PHMP utilizes the patented and proven techniques of AHDI’s Chronic Disease Management Program.

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Indemnity Benefits

Health risk assessment tool:

With the assistance of health professionals, PHMP provides a complete overview of a participants health. Done online to keep costs low, it's just another way we save you money. 


No need to set an appointment, wait an hour for the doctor, or wait another day to fill a prescription. Access to 24/7 online doctors at a click of a button saves you time and money.

Biometric Screening:

Everyone enrolled in the PHMP has access to receive a biometric screening to identify risk factors. Using those results our health coaches provide suggestions to create healthy lifestyles.

Health Risk Assessment:

This assessment determines employee’s risk factors and quality of life to create a customized health plan specific to each individual's health need.

Online health lessons with health coaching:

PHMP has a full line of health professionals waiting to help you obtain your health goals. With coaches, trainers, and dietitians, your goals will soon become reality.

DNA screening:

By testing genetic markers using our DNA screening, we can test specific genes related to cronic diseases and health concerns. 

Turning healthy choices into wealthy savings

For every employee that is enrolled in the PHMP, you will receive an average net savings of $330 a year in payroll tax liability. According to the NCBI, as employees see improvements in their health amd lifestyles through added health benefit plans, you may see a reduction in employee-filed claims. Check out the study

Another day, another dollar

Or a few hundred dollars. Your employees can save money using telemedicine instead of unnecessary hospital ER or office visits. Employees are encouraged use one of our wellness indemnity benefits instead, they can receive anywhere from $40 to $130 in spendable income per month.

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ENROLLMENT Enrollment is simple and easy with three options to make sure you have any opportunity to enroll, opt out, or speak with a specialist.

HEALTH RISK ASSESSMENT Our health risk assessment is a brief but thorough HIPAA-compliant health survey to provide the employer and coaches the info they need to manage health plans.

Hospital Benefits Receive indemnity payments when you’re sick in the hospital for an illness or injury.

Health ScreeningPHMP offers 6 health screenings to aid in creating healthy lifestyles.